Baraka Blue recited this beautiful poem about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is based on a passage in Imam Ghazali’s Ihya Uloom Id-deen, where the Imam describes the character of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The Poem-Transcript follows:


Can you imagine one who was the gentlest of men
while being the most brave and just of all who’ve been
one who conquered all desires of self that make men weak
who granted all who asked him precisely what they seek

whom only jewels poured out his mouth whenever he would speak
who was the gem amongst the stones of men who shined unique
a selflessness and generosity that some would say
was merely myth until they’d seen one of the lovers of his way

who used to mend his sandals, used to patch his clothes
who used to serve his family whenever he was home
who had a noble shyness, not gazing long upon a face
who honored all he ever met, be he king or be he slave

who always felt himself at home the most among the poor
who never angered for himself but only for his Lord
always just, always truthful, conscious of the One
even if it brought discomfort to himself and those he loved

a satiated stomach his whole life was rarely felt
not due to poverty but preference of others to himself
who knew the time of day by sun, the direction by the stars
who’d walk amongst his enemies without a single guard

devoid of any trace of self, just humble and serene
eloquent but not verbose, just precisely what he means
whom all within his company felt light and sacred cheer
whom there was not a thing within creation that he feared

who loved to play with children and run races with his wives
who’d join the festivities and honor customs of all tribes
when people yelled and lost their cool around him he was calm
who asked forgiveness for his enemies even as they did him wrong

who kept a goat he’d milk himself for people in his house
whose wives when asked about him said, “he was the perfect spouse”
who never looked down on a pauper or flattered once a prince
who called every soul unto the One without even a flinch

every single gorgeous trait of character he had
of noble lineage yet he was the orphan of his clan
one imbued with wisdom and piercing inner sight
yet he was the unlettered one who’d neither read nor write

all knowledge and trait of character unflawed
were placed inside his very being directly by Allah
the way to salvation and triumph after death
to detachment and joy in life with each and every breathe

to walk the righteous path and never falter come what may
and may Allah give us success in following his way
they call him al-Amin, the trustworthy, the honest
and I call him beloved, my master Muhammad

(May God shower peace and blessings upon him)


The spoken form of this poem was read by Baraka Blue via Celebrate Mercy on You Tube

For more information on Celebrate Mercy, click here.

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