The Triumph of Truth

“Truth is come, and falsehood is vanished, and shall not return any more.” Sura 34, ‘Saba’, Koran

The thrones of time shall pass away,
As Egypt, Babylon, and Tyre;
Earth’s mighty cities all decay,
And kings and conquerors expire;
But Truth shall, in eternal bloom,
Survive, though unbelievers rage,
Shall see foul error meet its doom,
And flourish through eternal age.

The Sun may cease to pour forth light,
And lost may be moon’s silv’ry ray,
The stars expire in endless night,
Vanish the planets all away,
But Truth shall raise her peerless head
Above the ruins of them all;
And smile, when time and tide are fled,
Before the Truth falsehood shall fall.

Exultant then shall be the cry
O’er errors throne, prostrate in dust,
And Muslims see that Good, Most High,
In whom they always put their trust,
Bid Truth commence its endless reign,
Falsehood vanquish’d and triumph’d o’er,
The “True direction” made most plain,
And error to return no more.

by Abdullah Quilliam

Other written works can be found here.
Originally published in The Islamic World, January 1895

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