The Problem with Modern Schooling

This slideshow has been prepared to paraphrase the key ideas from John Taylor Gatto’s book “Dumbing us Down” about mainstream education. This will be useful for the inquisitive individual, parents and anyone in the field of education:

Problem with Modern Schooling


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5 responses to “The Problem with Modern Schooling

  1. Julie

    Fascinating! I’ve been saying some of these things for years. I wasn’t aware that a book has been written about it. I haven’t been able to finish your powerpoint (can’t wait to read the rest of it ) – and to read Gatto’s book. This is wonderful. mash’Allah. 🙂


  2. Julie

    I am completely blown away. I’m shocked about how spot on it is. There have been days I’ve pulled my hair out thinking how they may as well train them as if they are dogs, for that’s exactly how they’re treated, or as robots. I was at war with my school last year because they had the audacity to tell me I need a doctor’s approval to keep Alexander home from school if he’s sick; it could never be my choice. I get so little time with him during the week nights when he is given endless mindless busy work, which he thinks is mindnumbing and is. At times, I’ve thought that he has become more confused since going into Kindergarten and the following grades, or at times even unlearning what I’ve taught him. And all the negative things he’s been learning. But I’m scrambling for an answer? This is upsetting to me, and I’ve ordered the book. Thank you for sharing this, Arif. Surely, there’s an answer…


  3. You’re right Julie. As soon as I heard of this book (from HY) and it’s title – I immediately knew its value, because it made instinctive sense. In the 1970s, they played about with school education and went too far the other way. Gatto’s book isn’t suggesting that either.

    For me, the key points that really struck home was 1) the notion of ‘community’ in school and 2) the idea of getting the kids to volunteer in a social project, amongst others.

    The problem of ‘the system’ is that modern obsession, which is what you refer to with schools fussing over absences and statistics etc etc. I’m with you on this one 🙂 And Julie, there are certainly answers. Check out HY wife’s


  4. Hyde

    There are lengthy discussions of Gatto available online. And SHY also recommends him. Public education is a secular manifesto; religious abomination.


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