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On Muslim Schooling

Putting aside the controversy of ‘if there should be Muslim schools at all’, what should the role of a Muslim school in Britain be?

Well, it can’t be a run-of-the-mill kind of Muslim school. It has to be able to effectively tackle the obstacles facing contemporary society and be a powerhouse in bringing something vibrant and beneficial for society as a whole – as well as for the students themselves.

A British Muslim School

1. It needs to be a school that deals proactively with the following: Continue reading


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A 7-Step Guide to Dealing with Difference

7-Step Strategy for Dealing with (‘Distressing’/’Different’/’Difficult’) Ideas that could Shake Your Belief in the Foundation of ‘Things’

An Easy-Guide Method to Navigate Your Way through Confusion

We live in changeable times.1

In such times, one can feel particularly disoriented. We all have ideas, beliefs about what life is about; about the purpose of us (alive and breathing) on this world.

So what is it about?2

I’d suggest that we all have to – and do – respond to this uncertain changeability. We negotiate a range of options in the responses we take to it; sometimes consciously, sometimes not.

We could: keep up with the times; put our foot down and remain unchanged; get ahead; be the changing force; or be the thing that gets in the way; hold onto the essentials of life; let go of all attachments and carry on; review and restart…

I believe, in sum, most of us would want to be able to deal with changing times adequately and effectively.

Here is a 7-step way of navigating your way through life without suffocating in uncertainty, procrastination and despair:

1. Be Open

2. Listen to your Earnest Conscience

3. Use the Wisdom of the Journeyman

4. Deal with the Challenge of Difference

5. Consider an Eclectic Approach (to ‘Truth’)

6. Engage with ‘Workable Theories’, and

7. Remember your Purpose Continue reading

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